Recycled with Comfort

We aim to provide our customers with super comfortable, highly durable, affordable, and versatile stretchy jeans. Our dream is to expand our sustainable fashion offering and help lessen the impact on the environment by producing eco-friendly jeans that put a premium on both quality and comfort. We know all about the harmful effects of fast-fashion, and are working to reduce these effects with every pair of Friendly Blues that you buy.

To drive real change, you need a fresh, innovative approach. We are able to manufacture our jeans by collecting cotton waste from produced pairs, and combining them with our recycled fabrics transformed from plastic bottles. Our Athletic Terry and Signature Comfort collection guarantees that you can do anything while wearing them, offering unlimited range and stretch, while sticking to its stylish nature.

  • 1992

    Started and founded our denim business.

  • 1998

    Merged with a public company

  • 2015

    Started producing and selling our recycled fabrics.

  • 2022

    Launched Friendly Blues, an exclusively recycleddenim brand.

About Our Recycled French Terry Fabric

Our French Terry fabric is a fabric that is slowly working its way into the jean industry. This fabric is able to make our jeans look like jeans, but feel like you are wearing soft and stretchy sweatpants. With our certification from REPREVE, our cotton ensures that it is fully sustainable. We can deliver on both fronts, with the material not only offering sweatpants comfort, but that it is making a positive impact too. We have our Signature Comfort collection line in the works, which will be just as comfortable by using the most premium fabrics, and ensuring everlasting versatility and stylishness.

What’s Next

We are in the process of expanding our product line with a new Men's collection line and an entire women’s line. Our mission will always stand- We are dedicated to being exclusively 100% Eco-friendly. We are working hard to change the clothing industry by continuing to produce ethical fashion. You are joining us in changing the industry with every pair of 'Friendly Blues' you buy.

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