Premium Jeans Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Friendly Blues is focused on sustainability and recycled performance fiber jeans. "Friendly" isn't just in our name, it also defines our relationship with the earth. Every pair of jeans we produce combines comfort, style, and sustainable practices, which means it's a tight fit - for you and the planet we share.


REPREVE is the world's leading recycled performance fiber, having recently re-purposed 15 billion plastic bottles.

About REPREVE - Our Recycled French Terry Fabric

We pride ourselves on making sure that our Friendly Blues are comfortable and that we keep the planet's health in mind when making them. Our Recycled French Terry fabric means that we can deliver on both fronts, with the material not only offering sweatpants comfort but they're sustainable too. Friendly Blues has ensured you look good and feel good in every pair. 


Additionally, Friendly Blues is 100% Eco-friendly. We are an exclusively recycled denin brand and we are changing the industry with every pair of jeans we produce.


Lastly, sustainable fashion is the only way forward, and we are fully committed to championing a clean, eco-friendly industry. Our recycled cotton yarn fabrics provide you with comfort and a clean conscience.